$40 Out The Door On 2000 And Newer Cars! Get $5 Off On 1999 And Older Cars! NEW - Get another $2 off if paid cash!
We are CA/BAR Star Certified! Test With The Best Only! Our Prices Are Out The Door! No Hidden Fees. Save Time Save Money! Conveniently Located By Costco And Former Triple A @ 1810 Verne Roberts Cir, Antioch - We Value Your Time! No Long Waits Here! A/C In Waiting Area! For validation purpose, please present printed coupon at the time of service request!
Retest Fee's are $10 + certificate $8.25 ($18.25) within 21 days for 2000 & Newer and $20 + certificate $8.25 ($28.25) within 21 days for 1999 & older vehicles. Valid only with original receipt copy of failed test!
Expires - 04/24/2019